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Essential Oils! Did you know that your sense of smell is connected to the same side of our brain and directly connected to our Limbic system (which involve our memory, emotion, learning and motivation), the center of our brain. Directly inhaling YoungLiving's essential oils goes right to your Limbic system, which is why oils affect our bodies differently than most other things.

Thieves oil, our immunity oil, diffused will not only support our immune system while we inhale it in the room, it is also killing 99.9% of bacteria in the air within 20min. Amazing stuff...and that is just one oil, there is so much more.

Along with the science behind how oils work, there is an important part of how affective they can be for us - their quality. YoungLiving not only owns all their farms, is 100% therapeutic grade, grows and produces their oils in a 'beyond' organic way, but YoungLiving allows you to visit their farms (try calling up other oil companies to visit their farms), which goes along with their mission to be transparent with their customers. PLUS, YL has a goal to be waste free in 5 years, which aligns with another passion of mine: living a more waste-less life. I am sharing this because this company has changed my husband's life, my life, my family's and once it impacts your life, you want to share! It has also deepened my love and respect for how God created all of these tools via plants, to support our bodies. This company's foundational purpose is helping, empowering and equipping people...something that is a passion of mine too :) 

It is simple to sign-up. It is a one-time membership that gives you your own account (we don't have product for you to buy off of) so it’s shipped directly to you, and there are two options (By the way, there is no pressure to sell, no pressure to buy into the monthly rewards program. It is simply your account to use to buy from YL!):

1. Premium Starter Kit (PSK)- best bang for your buck. It is $422 worth of product for just $165 (see graphic below for breakdown). There are several different kits in this category. The most popular is the Main premium starter kit that contains the top 12 most used oils, diffuser and some Thieves/Ningxia Red samples. There is also a Thieves Starter kit (for those interested primarily in the non-toxic cleaning), Make-up starter kit, Ningxia Red starter kit and the newest one of them all, the CBD full-spectrum oil (different that all the others on the market) starter kit!

2. Basic Starter Kit - this choice is $35 plus 1 oil (Stress Away). This is a great option for those that just want to get started without investing a ton into it, but also if you wanted to get the oils of your choice or customize your order. 

Step 1:  you will head to my link here to sign up and be plugged into a community that has your back and will help you grow in knowledge and in financial freedom (if you want to learn how to do it as a business!): 


Step 2: 

-Click on 2019 PSK starter kit with desert diffuser (the best one) OR the Basic Starter Kit, which the tab is above the picture of the PSK

-Click YES for essential rewards (I’ll explain when we chat about your new membership once you sing up and what resources you get! There is NO extra cost to this when you first sign up, and you're not locked into a monthly membership, but you qualify for a 100pv level gift from YL when you sign up with the Premium Starter Kit, for the Basic Kit, you will need to add enough product to reach 100pv or more to receive this gift)

3. Fill out Membership Info, make sure to note/remember 4-digit pin you set, you will need this in the future.

4. Commission processing - click individual, no SS

5. Make sure enroller number is: 12702385 (that’s me!)

6. And you're done! 

7. I will be in touch with you to talk about how you will be plugged into a community of essential oil experts. You will have plenty of resources to dive in and learn. The key to learning and growing in your knowledge is using them consistently.